Contested Child Custody Case.  Look no further!

"If you have a problem, Mr. Cobos will solve them or at least try his very best. Unfortunately, I had to deal with a few lawyers over the years, but none as talented as Franz.  He and his staff are very professional.  They made sure everything was done in a timely manner. I can’t thank Franz enough for helping me get my daughter back in a sticky custody battle.  I would not hesitate to hire him again or refer him to a friend or family member."

- 5 out of 5 Star Review Posted on Avvo by O. Francis

Immigration Deportation Case.  Excellent lawyer!

"Attorney Franz Cobos is a fantastic lawyer. He help me and my son get my immigration deportation case dismissed. Attorney Cobos always kept us informed of our case.  I was very satisfied with Mr. Cobos legal representation and highly recommend him."  

- 5 out of 5 Star Review Posted on Avvo by Client

Divorce Case.  Steadfast Lawyer!

"Mr. Cobos represented me in a legal matter and demonstrated a high degree of professionalism.  He was able to explain all facts of my case and explained all the possible outcomes should have choose to proceed.  I felt at ease knowing I had a lawyer that was dependable and trustworthy dealing with my case. He made himself available when I needed to meet with him and return my calls to explain any of my concerns.  He was also reasonable with his fees which was a big plus. Going forward I would without a doubt consult with him again with any legal matter."

- 5 out of 5 Star Review Posted on Avvo by John

Child Custody Case.  Outstanding attorney! 

"Mr. Cobos is a highly skilled professional that regularly achieves positive results. We hired him to assist us with a nagging custody issue that had been dragging out for years.  While other attorneys failed to help us, Mr. Cobos didn’t hesitate to jump right in and get to work.  He assessed the situation, recommended a course of action, and we now have the resolved we needed.  We only wish we had hired hime sooner.  We highly recommend Mr. Cobos."

- 5 out of 5 Star Review Posted on Avvo by John

Immigration Deportation Case.

"My name is Juan.  I highly recommend Franz Cobos.  He did excellent work on my case.  He is very professional and very effective attorney.  I never doubted his work. I consider Mr. Cobos a member of my family and thank him for representing me and my family."

- 5 out of 5 Star Review Posted on Avvo by Juan Blanco Serrano

Immigration Case. 

"Mr. Cobos is an excellent immigration lawyer. He is honest, reliable, and a great human being. I recommend him to all Latinos as the best lawyer and representative of us Hispanics."

- 5 out of 5 Star Review Posted on Avvo by Carmen Gomez

Divorce Case.  I highly recommend Mr. Cobos! 

"I went to seek help from Mr. Cobos when I was at what I thought was the worst time of my life.  Only Mr. Cobos showed me that this was the beginning of a new chapter of my life, as well as providing me with the most professional legal advice.  While most divorces last years, mine was done in a matter of 2 ½ months. I highly recommend Mr. Cobos, especially for those looking to have a drama free separation or divorce. I am very thankful to Mr. Cobos for his help and input on what I thought would be the most difficult time my life. He made it simple, easy, and quick."

- 5 out of 5 Star Review Posted on Avvo by Andrea

Business Law Matter. 

"I was referred to Mr. Cobos by a family member.  I was very pleased with Mr. Cobos’ services. I would recommend him to everyone I know. He is very understanding and will give you his undivided attention regardless of the case!  He’s truly there for his client."

- 5 out of 5 Star Review Posted on Yelp by Pleshette R

Criminal Law Matter.  Excellent work!

"I went to see Mr. Cobos to help me with some legal matters. He sat down with me and went over everything with me about the case.  Mr. Cobos is very clear in what he says and does. I would recommend to everyone that needs help."

- 5 out of 5 Star Review Posted on Avvo by Tanira

Family Law Matter.  I highly recommend this lawyer!! 

"Mr. Cobos was very reliable and knowledgeable. He helped me with a difficult case.  He was affordable and handled my case with ease.  I would highly recommend him to family and friends."

- 5 out of 5 Star Review Posted on Avvo by Yesille

Civil Law Matter.  I found our company’s attorney –Cobos Law Firm!!!

"Thank for your excellent service in representing and winning the lawsuit filed against our company earlier this year.  I now thank you again because once again I feel your representation in the recent labor claim against our company limited our expenses/loss.  THANK YOU!"

- Evelyn H., Business Law Matter.

Domestic Violence Case.  He get's the job done!

"I hired Franz Cobos 1-3 years ago.  He is dedicated, concise, thorough and affordable.  Right from the beginning, I was optimistic as I discussed the case with Mr. Cobos.  I had practically given-up due to poor prior representation; but Mr. Cobos demonstrated enthusiasm and turned my case around.  We won the case on our first court appearance.  He is truly a gentleman and a scholar.  I can't thank him enough."

- Eduardo R., Family Law Matter

Family Law Case!

"Mr. Cobos represented me against DYFS for the return of my two children who were taken from me after the death of my 20 month old while in the care of a babysitter.  Although it took a year, Mr. Cobos presented the case in a gentle, yet professional manner, treated my witnesses with kid gloves, and we won the case.  Thanks to Mr. Cobos' expertise in this area, my children were returned to me."

- Crystal A., DYFS Matter

Immigration Deportation Case. He is knowledgeable and focused!

"Mr. Cobos represented me in my deportation case.  We won our case and I now have my immigration papers.  I can now raise my family without fear of being deported thanks to Mr. Cobos.  I have recommended him to all my friends and family."

- Claudio Z. Immigration Matter

Immigration Case.  Mr. Cobos is a starter and a closer.

"I hired Mr. Cobos to assist my family with a complicated immigration case.  During the 2 years of working with Franz, his professionalism, consistency, and ability to verbalize the law to my family gave us peace of mind.  As the process became more challenging for my wife, Franz was there to explore every avenue, turn over every stone, while keeping my family in the loop.  He was very engaging and never showed any doubt he would get the results we needed within a demanding timeframe.  We got approved by Immigration in December 2013 and it was one of the happiest days my family has ever experienced."

- Eugene K., Immigration Matter

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